In order to overcome the limitations of conventional anode materials and to meet the demand for high energy density, we are developing and producing silicon-based nanoparticle-based SiOx anode materials and collaborating with research institutes around the world on next-generation technologies for a sustainable future.

TERA TECHNOS Technology Outline

Raw material injection


Air input




  • A evaporation and condensation process using induction melting commonly used in metallurgical processes
  • Self-developed graphite crucible for efficient heating
  • Maximizing reaction area of melted silicon to improve nanoparticle productivity
  • Continuous production of high quality SiOx by preventing the surface oxide film of melted silicon
  • Production of customized products by controlling x-value (0.8 ~ 1.6) of Siox
  • Low capital investment and use of cheap metal grade silicon raw materials
  • Easy to expand through modular unit process

Differences between Si and SiOx

  • Conventional silicon anode materials cause a negative electrode breakdown due to volume expansion during the repetition of the charge and discharge cycles.
    • Sudden decrease in battery capacity
    • Risk of combustion and explosion due to separator short circuit
  • Tera Technos' SiOx is a nano-mixture structure, minimizing volume expansion and fracture.
    • Ensure battery capacity and stability



Unstable SEI layer


SiOx anode meterial

Pulverization mechanism

S company
SiO anode meterial

Pulverization mechanism

Distinction of TERA TECHNOS Technology

Competitor A Competitor B Competitor C
Manufacturing method Vacuum deposition Chemical reaction Metallurgical process
Raw material Si + SiO2 HCl, Cl2, Hexane, Ethylene glycol MG-Si + O2 Source
Principle By controlling the partial pressure of raw materials, SiO reactant production Silicon compound gas reduction Direct oxidation of raw silicon
Coating after the deposited SiO bulk is pulverized Micro-size SiO pulverized before being combined with carbon
  • Direct use of nano-sizex (TSO product line)
  • Nano mixture structure formation followed by mechanical granulation (TERA, TSG product line)
Features Low productivity Corrosion prevention equipment required, Environmental waste generation High productivity, Low cost process

Ensuring price competitiveness with low-cost raw materials and a simple production process

Maximize productivity through continuous processing

No additional equipment required, including internal corrosion protection

Eco-friendly manufacturing process & no chemical waste generation

Easy system maintenance