The universalization of electric vehicles, drones and mobile devices is in the near future and will soon become a part of our everyday life. In order to achieve this, battery performance improvement is the first priority. Tera Technos exclusively manufactures and supplies SiOx, a silicon-based anode material that can overcome the limitations of conventional anode materials for batteries and ensure high capacity, high efficiency, and high stability at the same time, based on source technology that has been studied for over 10 years.


In order to overcome the limitations of conventional anode materials and to meet the demand for high energy density, we are developing and producing silicon-based nanoparticle-based SiOx anode materials and collaborating with research institutes around the world on next-generation technologies for a sustainable future.


SiOx composite anode material

An anode material for a lithium rechargeable battery with a high capacity, a high retention ratio, and excellent stability for improving the range and charging efficiency of an electric vehicle and for increasing the usage duration of small electronic devices